Flexible Final Mile Delivery Management Solution with Best-in-Class Customer Experience

Enterprise class delivery scheduling, static and real-time dynamic routing and mobile execution solution with real-time visibility, that works in a network model shared by shippers, carriers & customers. Maximizes driver utilization, optimizes your network fleet, creates an efficient and sustainable delivery ecosystem with ePOD and best-in-class customer experience.


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Final Mile Delivery Solution for Small Business

Affordable solution to systemically perform route planning, delivery execution and obtain shipment visibility creating a paperless environment for your dispatchers, drivers and your customers. See how 1000+ carriers have benefited from our solution.

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Final Mile Delivery Management for Carriers

Advanced Route Planning along with our flexible Delivery Execution app allows you to go complete paperless as well as eliminate dead miles, minimize delivery exceptions and maintain on-time performance, all leading to significant cost savings as well as elevated customer service levels. Our solution allows you to proactively monitor exceptions that need your much attention and let other stuff on automatic cruise control.

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360 degree Control Tower Visibility 

We are proud to be the first and only solution operating on shared network model. Brokers gain 360 degree visibility to all shipments regardless of whether a shipment is executed by themselves or a partner carrier, 3PL, contractor, etc.  The entire ecosystem lives inside our shared network model.

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Real-Time Delivery Tracking and Visiblity

Real-time Visibility of your entire fleet on a single easy to monitor, patented, Automatic Vehicle Locator. Obtain complete control of visibility, route planning and delivery route monitoring. Automatically communicate track & trace information to your customers, minimizing customer service phone calls and emails.

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Flexible Last Mile Delivery Solution with Superior Customer Experience

Our solution enables you to know where your shipments and deliveries are, including exceptions, even before your customers call you. Pro-actively communicate delivery tracking statuses and enhance consumer experience to the level expected by consumers. Obtain complete real-time visibility on deliveries, even if they are done by your carrier partners. Flexibility on how products are delivered to your customers, including final mile carriers, parcel carriers, crowd souring, autonomous vehicles, drones and locker boxes…

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Your Next Generation Final Mile Delivery & Transportation Platform

Dashboard For Upstream & Downstream Visibility


Scorecard Your Drivers, Partners And Vendors

Scorecard Your Drivers

Easy Delivery Execution And Efficient Driver Management

Easy Delivery Execution

ePOD And Electronic Documentation

Proof of Delivery
Scorecard your drivers new rotated
Easy Delivery Execution
Proof of Delivery
Easy Delivery Execution
Real-Time Dispatch
Scorecard Your Drivers
Customer Surveys

Track And Trace With Real-Time Visibility

Easy Delivery Execution

Real-Time Dispatch

Real-Time Dispatch

Manage OS&D

Scorecard Your Drivers

Customer Surveys

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About Us

nuDeliverIt by nuVizz, Inc., an Atlanta based enterprise mobile SaaS software company, is a logistics and transportation visibility and execution platform. We are passionate about logistics and transportation and with our technology expertise, we have created solutions for enabling the emerging final mile trends.

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Enable every business on the planet to have affordable transportation, delivery management and visibility tools, to save costs, increase efficiency and be environment friendly.


Connect all transportation from first mile to the final mile, allow businesses to see cascade effect of delivery delays and enable businesses to operate on a totally flexible transportation and delivery model, regardless of whether deliveries are made by LTL/TL carriers, parcel carriers, crowd sourced drivers.


Named “Top 10 Innovative Georgia Companies”. Seen exponential growth on a strong and expanding portfolio of clients. Built on proprietary technology platform that enables flexible workflow management.


Delivery Management Solution – Product Capabilities

See how nuDeliverIt, a cloud based delivery platform with a mobile app extension elevates your customers’ experience. This robust platform enables total visibility of your delivery execution from your dispatchers and drivers, to your partners and customers.



Summary of nuDeliverIt accomplishments – functionality, customers and other key facts.


3PL Customer Testimonial

Our proud partner discusses how important it is for them to be on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity, along with flawless execution with real-time information and working with a vendor that shares their “customer first” philosophy.

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